Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Gubat sa Ciudad Resort

Have you ever heard the "Gubat sa Ciudad resort"?

It's a resort located between the boundaries of Quezon City, Caloocan and Bulacan. It is very easy to find the place.

It has a very clean environment. You would really feel that you are in a forest in the middle of the city.
You can see many trees and you would really enjoy the place if you are a nature lover.

The entrance fee would cost you around Php 200 per person.

But I assure you you would really enjoy it. They have good amenities on the site.

Check some of the pictures in the Gubat sa Ciudad Resort.

Entrance gate of Gubat sa Ciudad.

Big swimming pool!

They have a very high slide.


  1. not sure now kung magkano... coz it was 1 year ago...

  2. to all concerned:
    pa post naman kung magkanu na now yung overnight stay pati cottage rate.

  3. yeah, can u post how much 2 days stay can cost?
    another, is this resort can be a good teambuilding venue for students?